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April 18, 2013 at 6:15 am | Posted in Business | 9 Comments
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Welcome home!

Welcome home!

One xmas, my wife Fonnie* gave me an amazing gift: the beautiful, rust-proof aluminium name plate you see above.

I loved it the moment I unwrapped it.

This plate has since proven its worth beyond anything we imagined.

Here’s how.


Within days of the plate going up, our postie (mail delivery officer) accosted me from his bike.

He said he’d had several letters addressed to Empire House, and that he’d toured the suburb hunting for the ten-storey edifice our head office name implies.

He was glad of the confirmation.


Traffic is busy in our one-way street.

Visiting clients have remarked that seeing the plate on their first drive-by assured them they were in the right spot.

This freed them to concentrate on parking.


My renting neighbours change fast enough to constitute a minor marketing demographic.

I always try to be welcoming.

When I tell newcomers how to prevent their car windows being smashed by thieves, they invariably ask me to explain the plate.

This has twice generated business leads.


Registering a business in Victoria requires you to ‘hang your shingle’ outside your premises. I’d been meaning to do this for eight years.

Now it’s sorted – in style!


The plate cost $198 (including GST). Fonnie also gave me the receipt. I claimed my own xmas present as a tax deduction against Empire income.

How cool was that?!


Every time I see the plate, I feel pride that I have a thriving business and satisfaction that I work from home. It’s a great mindset with which to enter my office and start the day.

So, if you need a gift idea for a business owner,

throw this against the wall

and see if it



* With extensive artistic and technical input from Adam Finlay.

Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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  1. A wife who knows how to make her man smile, is a treasure.

  2. That’s really nice, the only sign I have is telling the door to door sales people to bugger off!

    • I hear you, WLBB. I was doing my dad’s bills this week. He just signed up for another two years of gas and electric with the same supplier. They’re so clever. In his welcome pack, they gave him a free sticker for his front door which very politely tells knockers to bugger off. This, of course, includes other energy companies. I was impressed. I’ve long wanted one of those doormats that says ‘NOT UNWELCOME’ but I don’t think it’d be good for my brand. Thank you for dropping by! P. 🙂

  3. I love it…
    And the swish colour coordinated door.

    • Thanks heaps, Linda. Coming from someone with your fabulous creative flair, that’s high praise indeed. Kind regards, P. 🙂

      • … How I wish I could say I got the door made to match! 😉

  4. Ooooh er, I want me one of them signs! Very nice Paul and an excellent gift by Fonnie.

    • Thank you, Bella. I’m glad you approve. Let me know if you ever get one; I’d love to post a piccie of it here. Kind regards, P. 🙂

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