Keeping your feet on uneven ground

January 29, 2013 at 10:31 am | Posted in Business | 1 Comment
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Word = Thought = Deed.

As we live these interesting times, it’s important to watch what we read, think and do. For our thoughts and deeds greatly impact our business and personal affairs.

Don’t believe me? Read this true tale …

For ten years I’ve walked my dogs on the same river trail without injury. Today I saw a new sign: UNEVEN GROUND. I travelled on, studying the ground and thinking, ‘I’ve never considered this uneven, or guarded my step to suit’.

Then I fell over.

Was it coincidence? Did the earth move? Was the sign evil? Or did my thoughts affect my fate?

As the pain receded, I walked towards a huge storm front (I’m not making this up). I passed the farmer’s market, then an old man tending parched seedlings. A downpour would mean loss for the first group and life for the second.

The rain itself would be neutral.

I worried that a storm would ruin my neighbour’s house auction. But I didn’t turn back, as I like rain on my face. The dogs were rapt. We did our normal walk, as fat drops plinked the dust.

On the way home, I composed this post in my head. I dwelt on the concept of bad thoughts causing bad results. Then, while vaulting the crash barrier between park and road, I smashed my knee.

Limping along the steel pedestrian overpass, I started to worry about lightning, but thought better of it. The rain got earnest as we got home. At auction time, the storm erupted.

Rather than watch the auction, I started writing. Soon a gaggle of umbrellas scuttled past. I hailed one, to learn the house had been passed in, with no bid, at 75 percent of its stated price. Yet this was supposed to be a hotly contested sector!

Had I ‘mozzed’ the auction by worrying about the storm?

I believe the links between my thoughts and today’s events reinforce the teachings of Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, The Secret (and permutations thereof) and  Sarah Connor.

In short, there’s no fate but that we make.

As some rejoice that we’ve found a name for this interesting time: The Great Recession, I’m focussing on positive change. My Great Talent is writing job ads for newspapers. Well, there are few jobs, and fewer ads, in thinner papers.

Why do you think I’m blogging?

Are you crying that the wheels have fallen off? Or are you busy switching tyres? If change seems hard, see Seth Godin’s excellent thought starters.

Your future could be easier (and more fun) than you think.



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