First, the good news!

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On snaring this blogging gig, my first instinct was to discredit every shonky supplier who’d ever crossed me. The question was, what to cover first:

  1. The sturdy, black hair in my special fried rice?
  2. The too-thin tin my builder used to gild my roof?
  3. The gob of machine grease in my pack of sliced almonds?

On reflection, however, I realised these issues should be explored separately and in excruciating detail. To better provide lessons and warnings for you, the reader.

It’s therefore with a light heart that I showcase some of the most useful (free) stuff I’ve found over the years. And no, I don’t get anything from endorsing anything.

Winston Marsh is a dinky-di* marketing guru who’s been in the business-building game for decades. His website is a trove of gratis articles, newsletters and other resources that are immediately and practically useful. He is streetwise, prolific and generous.

English is mutating way too fast for anyone to keep track of it all. When faced with a new, unfamiliar or difficult word, my favourite tool is OneLook. It gives free, instant access to 13 million words in 1000 dictionaries. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never touch a Concise Oxford again!

Twitter has generated more traffic to my websites than everything else I’ve tried, times ten! It therefore deserves its own post. Mark my words: used correctly, Twitter is GOLD.

Most business coaches agree that in tricky times, the way to prevail and prosper is to learn and try new things. The above resources have helped me do all that and more. I commend them to you.

Next week: How to Sabotage a Nail Gun.

* See OneLook!

Paul Hassing, Founder & Senior Writer,

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